What is the SMART in SMART Organizing?

SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.   I first learned about setting SMART goals and objectives in post secondary school and it’s become my personal and work philosophy incorporated into my organizing practice.  When SMART goals are defined, managing expectations; taking action and keeping tasks on track inevitably leads to success… even when obstacles are thrown in the way.  We simply re-assess, adjust and proceed.  That is SMART.

There is nothing more satisfying than feeling empowered, accomplished and successful! This is how being in an organized state feels!

We take pride in our exceptional organizing skills and the ability to collaborate with clients of all ages in an open and honest manner while providing non-judgmental and objective support.  Solutions offered are unique to sync with the SMART goals we establish.  Clients are treated with utmost dignity and respect and our professional partnership is held in strict confidence.

Professional Organizers in Canada

As an active member in good standing with the Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) association we adhere to their  strict Code of Ethics.      

Ida is proudly serving  on the POC North GTA Chapter Executive as the 2017 – 2018 term Chairwoman.  She also served on the POC North GTA Chapter Executive as a Member at Large in the 2016 – 2017 term.


Dufferin Board of TradeSMART Organizing is a member of the Dufferin Board of Trade (DBOT).   Proudly supporting #OurDufferin and our local businesses.    Ida is a volunteer on the DBOT Ambassador Committee, recognized as a mentor and leader in the Dufferin area.  Proud supporter of DBOT and the #ThinkLocal program!


Ida Tetlock- Owner

Ida Tetlock

Ida Tetlock

Many of us spend our whole lifetime in search of our true purpose… and I am grateful to have found mine in providing professional organizing services to others.  I am most fulfilled when I am partnered with my clients to provide organizational expertise, solutions and support during periods of transition or changes in their life, home & business.

My name is Ida Tetlock, and I am a Professional Organizer and Accountability Partner.  As a long time Dufferin County resident, I am proud to offer professional organizing services in our community.

I have a natural inclination to organize, and much like an artist, athlete, scholar or tradesperson, having a knack for something is not what allows us to excel in our fields.  It is through education, application, mentorship and life experiences our skills are developed and refined.  I am a life-long learner and have enjoyed successful careers in security administration, business and office administration, social services (youth criminal justice), customer service, information technology, business analysis, project management and professional organizing.

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One of my earliest memories of organizing was when I was just a tot and could fit into the crawl space under our basement stairs.  My mom, a tailor by trade and seamstress by hobby, stored bags full of fabric, patterns, sewing accessories and fabric remnants.   I would spend hours folding fabric, sorting patterns, buttons and zippers.  The crawlspace looked like a fabric store!  This was my joy!  It didn’t stop in the crawlspace of course… I went on to organize everything in any space I had access to.  It wasn’t long before I was being called on to organize with family members, friends and at work.  Organizing has continued to be my passion throughout my life.  I see it as a gift worth sharing – especially since it’s had an incredible positive impact on the lives of those I share it with.

What I have learned along my life journey is that in life and business we can expect a series of transitions. We should relish the joys and accomplishments and when obstacles get in our way, view them as temporary inconveniences and get past them.   Being disorganized doesn’t have to be a way of life or define you as a person.  It’s a state of being which can be changed by getting organized in a way that serves you better.

We shouldn’t have to change our lives to fit how our homes or offices were once organized, we should change the way we organize to fit our lives today.

Sometimes the hardest part about getting organized is getting started or reaching out for support if you don’t know where to begin.   Partnering with a professional organizer who serves as your personal accountability partner empowers you to focus on your priorities, set SMART goals, take action and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when you succeed!  You are not alone, we are here to help.