Do You Need SMART Organizing?

At home…

  • Are you busy with work, commuting, hectic extra-curricular schedules and everything else life throws at you that making time for family, friends or even yourself seems impossible?
  • Are you navigating through stuff randomly piled throughout the spaces in your home?
  • Are you spending a lot of time trying to find or replace things you know you have?
  • Are your closets overstuffed but you don’t have anything to wear?
  • Are you finding yourself picking clothes out of baskets or piles because they don’t make it to your closet or dresser?
  • Did you move months ago and still have boxes to unpack?
  • Do you have secret rooms, drawers or cupboards that no one dare open?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted when you are in your space?
  • Would you be embarrassed if someone were to drop in unexpected?
  • When was the last time you were excited and proud to invite your family and friends into your home?

In your small business…

  • Are you missing deadlines, losing good client prospects or handling more customer complaints than accolades?
  • Do your employees feel overworked or unmotivated?
  • Do you have several projects started with no end in sight?
  • Does your reception area and office space reflect the true image of your business?
  • Would your customers perceive you are in control of your business if they dropped in to see you?
  • Are important and confidential documents securely stored and quickly accessible if needed for review or audit?
  • Are you spending countless dollars on supplies or inventory because you can’t track or find what you have already acquired?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and it seems that nothing is getting done?
  • When was the last time you were excited about your business, what it offers and what you have accomplished?

If you answered yes to any these questions or can relate to these scenarios, you may be in a state of disorganization and can benefit from SMART Organizing services.