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Organizing Services

Organizing life, home and business.

Organizing and life management services include and are not limited to support for productivity, time management, space planning and organization, document management, estate management, inventory management, personal assistance, coordination of personal and professional activities. 

Partnering with individuals and families who may be in a state of situational disorganization in their life, home or business due to significant emotional or traumatic events they had or are experiencing. This may include life planning, marriage, expanding families, blended families, empty nesting, return to nest, career changes, business/office relocations, move ins and move outs, illness or injury, relationship separations, divorce and deaths.

Creating and restoring order by significantly reducing or removing the chaos and overwhelm experienced through organizing is the basic problem solved through my services. Having an accountability partner to work as much or as little as needed to ensure challenges are faced, prioritized and worked through resulting in positive and life changing outcomes.

Organizing Services

Organizing services are offered to address situational disorganization encountered in life, home and business. I partner with individuals, families and small businesses who are ready to implement changes now. I have experience working with children, youth and adults of all ages.

Working as your accountability partner, we establish your priorities, identify the opportunities, define goals, create a plan and take action to empower you to get organized and achieve success.


Service Details

Creating functional and organized spaces to improve accessibility and productivity in every part of your home and small business environment.

We offer services for:

  • Clutter control. Sorting, purging and relocation of items.
  • Collection management. Preserving and honoring special memorabilia and collectibles.
  • Move and transition support. Blended households, down or upsizing, moving pre-listing readiness and move unpacking.
  • Paper and document management. Sorting, filing, storage and disposal of paper and digital documents.
  • Personal organization. Teaching and application of skills necessary to succeed in school and the workplace, and can help you become more efficient, more productive in life.
  • Productivity and process improvements. Creating solutions to assess and eliminate waste in resources, time and costs for small business.
  • Project and task management. Support to provide or source short term and long term administrative, project & task management and coordination services for small business.
  • Space management. Improving the accessibility and function for residential and small business spaces to improve safety, save time and costs.  We strive to use what you have before recommending spending.

Spaces to organize include

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens, pantries and dining rooms
  • Offices
  • Laundry & mud rooms
  • Basements
  • Closets, storage areas, storage lockers, garages and shops
  • Recreation, craft, hobby and play rooms
  • Vehicles (personal and work trucks)
  • Entrances & reception areas
  • Warehouses and inventory storage areas

Ready for support?

Contact me to schedule a free, no obligation preliminary phone needs assessment. 

During the 20–30-minute call, we discuss the opportunity, how I work, the fee structure, questions you may have and if we are aligned, we book the on-site assessment. 

The on-site assessment is required to allow us the opportunity to meet in person, formally identify your needs, view your space, the source of your problem areas and your priorities. We will discuss the process, expectations and the proposed statement of work. Upon booking our services, we begin to develop your goals and we take action to achieve them!  We ask you to plan 1 – 1.5 hours for the on-site needs assessment billed at a flat rate of $88.50 + applicable taxes.

There is absolutely no preparation needed for the on-site visit. I want your reality to be reflected in the assessment so it is best to see the space as is! I also encourage anyone who may be part of the organizing process to be available for the visit so all needs and expectations are considered.


New Projects

Organizing and life management services are specially customized to meet the unique needs of each client and billed at the hourly rate of $88.50 + applicable taxes. Project sessions are offered in consideration of scope, time and budget. Services are offered at an hourly rate with 3-hour minimum sessions which allows us to make significant progress. Schedules and payment options to best meet your needs are discussed during the on-site assessment.


Existing Clients

Reset projects are available to existing clients in good standing who may need a reset in areas previously organized to suit their changing priorities.

The 3-hour minimum appointment is waived and the client pays only for time needed to reset the space at the hourly rate of $88.50 + applicable taxes. 

Maintenance projects are a special service available to existing clients in good standing who prefer to have their organized spaces maintained on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or custom schedule to meet their needs at the hourly rate of $88.50 + applicable taxes.