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You are not alone! This is one of the most common questions I am asked by individuals wanting to organize their homes.

You know you need to get organized and don’t know where to start?

The answer is simple, take action. Taking action isn’t always obvious or easy.

Here are 3 considerations to get you started:

1. Assess the space. Take note of your observations to determine why you feel disorganized.

Do a walkthrough of the space. Observe what you see and how it makes you feel. Is the space cluttered by objects and items? Are all the items you need tucked away and you can’t see them or remember where they are when you need them? Do you feel a disconnect in the space or is it lacking an organized flow for its intended purpose?


2. Remove items that do not belong or serve you in the space. If it doesn’t belong – take it out!

As you walk through the space, identify items you can remove and released. This includes empty containers, packaging and damaged items. Place these in the recycling bin or garbage. Place used cups, cutlery and dishes in the sink or dishwasher to wash. Return games, cards and puzzles to their package or bin. Try placing them vertical on a shelf, cupboard or bin for ease of access. Books, newspapers and magazines can remain on a table or shelf or tossed into in the recycle bin. Identify items you can release for donation, rehomed or sold. This action is repeatable daily, weekly or monthly in every space as a maintenance activity.

Declutter home with donation of unused items

3. Redefine the purpose of the space and furniture.

Does your space have specific purpose? Does it need to serve for multi-functional uses. Using existing shelves, dressers, cabinets and closets as a solution is SMART! These pieces will transform into functional storage. It allows you to maintain the primary purpose and desired esthetics for the space. With the ease of storage, access and function, your space becomes organized.

Start organizing now!

Getting started on your organizing project means taking action now. No matter how many books or blogs you read or videos you watch, the change you seek starts with you. One task towards organizing your space is progress. Not taking action keeps you where you are -stuck!

Still feeling overwhelmed and the chaos or clutter of your situation feels too much to start on your own? Consider partnering with a skilled and knowledgeable professional organizer is a SMART start! Creating value through organizing in life, home and business is what I do!

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Ida Tetlock, Professional Organizer and Life Manager at SMART Organizing and Property Management serving Dufferin County & Surrounding areas including Grey, Halton and Wellington counties and Peel & York regions.  Ida is a participating member of the Professional Organizers in Canada association and she volunteers at the Dufferin Board of Trade. She is very active in our community supporting people, community programs and events.