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I am grateful to have been asked to participate in the MS Society of Canada, Peel-Dufferin Chapter Lifestyle Improvement and Resource Fair earlier today. Thank you Brandi Easton and team for your efforts in getting this fair organized!

ms_13_oct_16_resource_fair_4I enjoyed meeting and chatting with members of the community who attended the fair and with the wonderful, staff and volunteers from the MS Society, Peel-Dufferin and Halton Chapter.  I also had the pleasure of meeting and exchanging information with representatives from the following service providers:

I am passionate about the benefits of living an organized and productive life.  Having learned of these service providers, I am now much better informed which allows me to better serve my clients and their family by having a resource network to share.

ms_13_oct_16_resource_fair_smo1Reflecting on the most memorable moment from my experience at the Lifestyle Improvement and Resource Fair earlier today, was my conversation with a lovely woman.  Erica shared a quote she recently heard that really touched my heart “give with warm hands”.  The sentiment was that we should share and give while we can and create moments with those we love now that we can enjoy the experience with them instead of having those we leave behind have the moment alone.  Thank you Erica for sharing your personal journey!  Best wishes as you continue your journey making memories with everyone you encounter!

We shouldn’t have to change our lives to fit how our homes or work spaces were once organized, we should change the way we organize to fit our lives today. ~ Ida Tetlock

In keeping with the theme for the day, I offered the following TIPS: Create Organized, safe, accessible and functional spaces!

Life really is a blessing despite the challenges and pain we may experience.  If you need support, there is an incredible network of services available to you.  Let me know how I can help!

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