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Attention parents and caregivers…How many of you have walked into your kids’ bedroom only to find what looks like a tornado ripped through it?  Do you have kids that leave a path of chaos in every space they occupy in the house?  Are your kids constantly looking for their things but can’t find them – maybe even accusing others for taking stuff when they can’t find it?  Have they struggled with organization and planning of their school assignments and projects or often fails to hand them in on time?

Do you have battles with your kids due to the state of their room, the messes they don’t clean up, chores they don’t finish or missed school assignments?   Have you tried everything from doing it for them, giving incentives like adding WIFI time or paying them to do it or perhaps you have tried to consequence them by taking their video game or phone privileges away or not being allowed to go out until they did…only to find these methods don’t stick?   Wish you could solve this problem forever…without getting rid of your kids?

There is HOPE! Partnering with SMART Organizing, your kids will not only learn age appropriate strategies for organizing their space, they will learn to recognize and identify priorities as well as establish and achieve SMART goals.  As your child’s accountability partner, we work directly with them to define specific; measurable; attainable; realistic and timely goals which align with your family priorities and we will empower them to make decisions, take action and be accountable for their space, chores, schoolwork and belongings.

Organizational skills are extremely important and transferrable life skills that apply to all aspects of life.  Goal oriented organizational skills lead to success and productivity at home, school, extracurricular activities and in volunteer and paid work positions enabling your kids to become independent & organized adults.

So…stop the madness and invest in your kids’ success by proving them with the organizing skills they need to succeed!  We start with a pre-assessment phone call where you can ask questions & share more about your pain points and we determine if partnering with SMART Organizing is a good option for you.  We will then schedule an on-site assessment.  It is beneficial for all family members that will be involved in the project to be present so we can chat, identify the priorities, and begin to define SMART goals and the rules of engagement …everyone is accountable!  When we are on the same page, we schedule the sessions and begin the exciting, fun and challenging work with your SMART organized kids!

The SMART Organizing process is truly transformational!  The entire family benefits from the organizing process through the changes in the physical space but most importantly through the shifts in attitude and the abundance of positive energy created in your home!

We welcome the opportunity to partner with you and your family to create and maintain harmony, order, peace and ease in your home while empowering your kids through learning and applying SMART Organizing skills. Contact us now to schedule a no obligation pre-assessment call.

Ida Tetlock is a mom to 2 teenaged kids and is not a stranger to living in a busy & chaotic household! She is a successful accountability partner offering professional organizing services for life, home and business.

SMART Organizing offers services in Dufferin County and surrounding areas including:   Amaranth, Brampton, Caledon, East Garafraxa, Erin, Grand Valley, Hillsburgh, Melancthon, Mono, Mulmur, Orangeville and Shelburne.

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