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If you have an abundant amount of new and gently used children & women’s items that are consuming your home, you have a wonderful opportunity to release the no longer needed items and sell them earning a commission with Closet to Closet Kids Consignment Events!   Any items that do not sell at the sale can be donated to non-profit organizations so the items don’t have to come back into your home!    

The best part is that you don’t have to be at the sale unless you want to!  There are several options for selling your items!  The more you do the greater the commission.  Visit the site for all the details!

So where does SMART Organizing come in?  We know that addressing your children’s items can be very overwhelming and knowing where to start seems impossible!   As a working mom of 2 teens and 5 fur babies and a family calendar that we can barely see the date on… I get that life is busy and our homes are often treated as rest stops, change rooms and, storage containers! 

SMART Organizing offers services to families like yourSMART Organizing collaborates with Closet to Closet Eventss to help you assess your current ‘inventory’ to determine what you truly need and want and may wish to sell allowing you to restore access, function and order to the house you want to truly keep as a home!   We can identify your priorities and take action to implement solutions that fit for your family’s lifestyle now, making maintenance easy and allows for quick changes as the family continues to transition.

If the thought of facing your space alone is daunting but you are ready to do something about it and take action, contact us!  If you have children and women’s items in great condition, the commission you earn can be used towards payment for the organizing services too!  In fact, SMART Organizing will gladly pay the Closet to Closet Kids Consignment Events! registration fee if you use our organizing services!    

SMART Organizing collaborates with Closet to Closet EventsThe next Closet to Closet Kids Consignment Event for Fall and Winter is on Saturday October 21st 2017! 

So, take a quick look around… is it time to make your house a home again?


Working directly with her clients to identify their priorities and to establish SMART goals and taking action to achieve them, Ida Tetlock is a successful accountability partner offering non-judgemental and objective professional organizing services for life, home and business.

SMART Organizing offers services in Dufferin County and surrounding areas including: Amaranth, Brampton, Caledon, East Garafraxa, Erin, Grand Valley, Hillsburgh, Melancthon, Mono, Mulmur, Orangeville and Shelburne.

To learn more about SMART Organizing, visit the website and contact us!