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Planning a move?  Need to move?

Moves can be very stressful and expensive if they are not planned correctly.  SMART Organizing offers services to help you develop your move plan by identifying your priorities, establishing SMART goals and taking action.  As your accountability partner, we work directly with you to define specific; measurable; attainable; realistic and timely goals which align with your move priorities and we will empower you to make decisions and take action.  Support is provided throughout the process – where and when it’s needed.

moving; unpacking; move; boxes; organized; organizingWhether you are planning on listing your home for sale or moving out of a rental home, planning ensures that you consider options and make decisions that benefit you.   Of course planning well ahead is recommended when possible, but we know that life doesn’t always work out the way we expect.   No matter how much time you have – setting SMART goals and taking proper action is what leads to a successful move not a miserable one.

The SMART Organizing process is truly transformational!  You will benefit from the organizing process through the changes in the physical space but most importantly through the shifts in stress levels and the abundance of positive energy created in your home!

If you are selling:  Organizing and downsizing the contents by pre-packing and dispersing or discarding what you can  prior to listing significantly reduces the costs associated with storage and moving.  It also reduces the amount of work homeowners need to do to maintain the home during the showings.

Potential buyers can see the space you are offering, increasing their ability to see past your personal belongings and visualize themselves there!  Real estate research has proven that organized and de-cluttered homes lead to better offers!  It’s true, just ask a realtor – they’ll tell you!

If you are downsizing:  There are additional considerations including space planning, accessibiity and function for your new location and assessing your current belongings to determine what can move with you and how to manage what doesn’t.

If you are moving into a blended home:  Special care and attention for addressing the available space and everyone’s needs is critical.  There are usually many changes happening at once in this type of transition and it can be an emotionally charged one.

Whether it is moving into a dorm or a home with roommates; a couple moving in together for the first time; two families joining as one; adult children returning to the nest or aging parents moving in for support and care, if these moves are not managed with objectivity and impartiality, excitement can quickly change to discord.  Assessing individual and group needs and the volume of possessions each brings with them allows opportunity to implement organized, functional and cohesive living spaces… making your home orderly, peaceful and easy to live in!

If you are moving the contents of a lost loved one:  The process can be especially difficult.  When our loved ones pass away, it is necessary to address the possessions they leave behind.  The benefit of having an accountability partner through this life transition offers objectivity and compassion to ensure the process is handled with sensitivity and items are honored and dispersed according to their wishes and of those entrusted with them.

moving; unpacking; move; boxes; organized; organizingDo you still have unpacked boxes and bins from your last move?  You have invested a lot of time, energy and money moving into your new space.   SMART Organizing also offers services to help you unpack your possessions and organize them so they are accessible and your space is functional allowing you to enjoy your home as you hoped when you moved in!   Invest in yourself and make your home open, peaceful and efficient!  Now that is SMART.

SMART Organizing can help you develop your move plan by identifying your priorities, establishing SMART goals and taking action. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you no matter where you are on your move journey!  Contact us to schedule a no obligation pre-assessment call.

Moving from Toronto to Mississauga, Oakville and Brampton before coming to Dufferin County, and supporting many clients with their move needs, Ida uses every experience and the lessons learned from each move transition to the clients benefit!

Ida Tetlock is a successful accountability partner offering professional organizing services for life, home and business.

SMART Organizing offers services in Dufferin County and surrounding areas including: Amaranth, Brampton, Caledon, East Garafraxa, Erin, Grand Valley, Hillsburgh, Melancthon, Mono, Mulmur, Orangeville and Shelburne.

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